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Baby & Toddler Heart Art

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One of my favorite things about having a toddler is getting to introduce and share in the excitement of the holidays with her! 

I always try to find a kid-friendly way to explain the essence of the holiday, and Valentine's Day was an easy one! Kids naturally love making and giving gifts to those they love, so my 2.5 year old was super excited to make Valentine's Day cards to show her love to her friends and family. I'm all about keeping it simple, easy and fun, so I decided to try this Toilet Paper Heart Stamp idea that I stumbled upon on Pinterest.  (How on Earth did we ever survive without the brilliance that is Pinterest!?!? HA!) I'm sharing this little project with you today because I think it's a great one for children of ALL ages. If your child can sit up & hold objects, he can probably l do this!  My daughter enjoyed watching the circle shape of the toilet paper roll "magically" change into a heart shape and also loved counting the hearts as she stamped them. You can also have your child brainstorm a list of people they LOVE and create greeting cards for each person using his/her creations. But - for babies, just the experience of dipping into the paint and cause/effect lesson of stamping is a great cognitive, play-based activity - and lots of FUN!


(Pic courtesy of Rust & Sunshine Blog - my camera battery died while we were doing the project!)

Here's what we did:

1. Grab some paints, paper, and a toilet paper roll. (We used finger paints!)

2. Press down on the tube to make a little indent in the top of the heart, and squeeze at the bottom to make the point.

3. Wrap a rubberband (I used one of my daughter's ponytail rubberbands!) or some tape around the middle of the tube to maintain the shape.

4. Put a little paint on a plate.

5. Dip, stamp, repeat! (We also used some glitter glue to jazz things up a bit - what two-year-old doesn't like glitter, right?)

Do YOU have a favorite baby/toddler-friendly Valentine's Day idea to share? Let us know in the comments below. 


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