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Frames - Take 2: Birthday Party Decor

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Remember this frame from Ikea??

Photo credit: Sunbeam Photography


In my last blog post, I shared with you some fun ways to use empty frames for your monthly baby photos, including this frame from Ikea that I spraypainted glossy pink for my daughter's newborn pictures. Well...although the frame you purchase can be used every month for twelve months, why not get some more mileage out of it as a birthday party decoration?  This weekend, I created a simple decoration for my older daughter's third birthday using the frame from our newborn photo shoot, paper cupcake liners, a piece of cardboard, and a glue gun (a crafter's best friend, right?) This would also be an adorable nursery decoration over a bed or changing table. Check out the details below...

Cupcake Liner Birthday Number Tutorial


Materials needed: about 100 cupcake liners (any color or pattern), glue gun, cardboard or posterboard,  utility knife/x-acto blade, large ornate frame, fishing line, a friend to help

  1. Draw (or trace) a large number or letter onto a piece of posterboard or cardboard. (I used an old cardboard box we had in our basement - FREE!) Cut it out using a utility knife.
  2. Turn cupcake liners inside out so the colored side is showing and pinch at the bottom to make a short "stem" to attach to the cardboard
  3. Glue each liner onto the cardboard. You don't want to leave much space between them. The tighter they are, the better.  (After you are done, I recommend taking a look at the finished product and filling in any places where you see gaps.)
  4. Hang number inside frame with fishing line.







Tips: I found it helped to have some extra hands for this project. (Thanks mom & sister!)  If one person creates the little flowers and someone else glues, it goes a lot more quickly.  Also, be sure you use a glue gun and not regular white glue. The flowers will fall over if you don't use a glue that dries immediately.

Cupcake liners come in a bunch of fun colors and patterns so you're sure to find one that matches the colors of your party (or baby's nursery).  I used dark pink & light pink damask cupcake liners purchased at my local Hobby Lobby store with a 40% off coupon. (Pick up some Sticky Bellies while you are there! They carry our boy, girl, and maternity styles!)  I love the way the number looks like it is made of carnations and how the frame really creates a finished piece. The number hanging by itself wouldn't have been nearly as much fun! : )

If you try this with your baby's initial for nursery decor or with a number for a birthday celebration, let us know. We'd love to see your creations.


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