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Getting Ready for Baby - The Push Pack

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Hey there Sticky Bellies' fans! It's been a while! We've been busy... having a baby!  But, we're baaaaaack with a lineup of great blog posts - all about getting ready for baby!  Today, we're thrilled to share a great new product that will make your labor & delivery just a little bit easier! (And, no, we're not blogging about epidurals!) Read on...

My due date was April 10, and, being a type-A control freak mama whose first child was born ON her due date, I didn't expect to have her any earlier.  Silly me. These babies sure do have a mind of their own!  I'll spare you the details, but just tell you that when I went for my weekly OBGYN visit on March 30, I certainly wasn't expecting to have a baby that day.  When the doctor and ultrasound tech sat me down and told me to go home, pack a bag, and come back to labor & delivery within the hour, let's just say I was a little surprised...and unprepared. I hadn't packed my hospital bag, had a "to-do before baby arrives" list that was a mile long, and we hadn't even settled on a name for the little peanut. I also hadn't prepared my 2.5 year old to expect a new sister that weekend. So, when I was given an hour to go home and get ready to become a mom of two, packing my hospital bag was the least of my concerns. I needed to see my "baby" and make sure she was okay and cared for over the next two days.

Enter the Push Pack by Small Batch Studio. It took me all of 5 minutes to pack my hospital bag because I had been gifted with this genius product that turned out to be even more of a life-saver than I had originally thought.  I didn't have to dig through my bathroom for all of my necessities, or hop online to figure out exactly what I would need to pack for my "vacation" to labor & delivery.  It was already done for me. Thank you Small Batch Studio!

The Push Pack by Small Batch Studio is a pre-packed hospital labor bag filled with the “little” things moms wanted & needed when they were in the hospital


Included in the Push Pack:

 LOVE that only organic or natural bath and body products are used in the Push Pack.


I also love that The Push Pack was created for moms, by a mom... (just like Sticky Bellies!) Laura, the wonderful creator of The Push Pack/Small Batch Studio says,

"After my daughter was born, I came up with the idea of the Push Pack – an all in one bag, pre-packed with the “essentials” I wanted & needed. I interviewed a bunch of moms asking them what things they were so glad to have or wished they’d had while they were in labor. The Push Pack includes the items that were mentioned most often.   Call it wisdom & experience, peace of mind, and a gift of love all wrapped into one bag."

Win a Push Pack of your own! 

Our friends at Small Batch Studio have offered one fabulous Push Pack to a Sticky Bellies fan! (Retail value $65 USD). You can enter the contest below, and there are several different ways to enter to increase your chances. The contest ends on 4/28/2012 and the winner will be announced HERE on The Belly Blog.

If you don't win, you can still get $10 off your very own Push Pack using the code BELLIES.


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