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Mamapreneur Monday - Swim Zip

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Hey there Sticky Bellies' fans! I am so excited to share this new feature on our blog with you! We're calling it "Mamapreneur Monday" and I can guarantee you'll want to come back to The Belly Blog every Monday to check it out!  One of the great things about having a small business like ours is that we get to meet and collaborate with other entrepreneurs who are on the same journey. Through trade shows, websites and online groups, I've met some amazing women who are all following a dream - a dream that came as a result of some "Ah-ha!" moment.  Not only are they working hard to grow a business, they're also working hard as moms - the most important job in the world! I am honored to share a new "Mamapreneur" with you here on The Belly Blog every Monday and hope you'll enjoy getting to know these inspirational women and their ingenius products.  Please show them a little support by commenting on their posts, liking their Facebook pages, or becoming a customer! Enjoy!

Monday's Mamapreneur for Monday, June 4 -

Betsy Johnson of SwimZip



Mamapreneur: Betsy Johnson, 27 years old

Company name, year founded and product description: SwimZip -Founded 2010.  SwimZip is home of the stylish UV 50+ swimwear for babies, toddlers, and children.  An award winning product that makes wearing a swim shirt easy to put on and easy to take off with its unique full length zipper rash guard.  

Tell us about your "ah-ha" moment. How did you think of the product?
I would say there were two. One was when I was diagnosed with skin cancer and the other when my brother would complain about how much of a pain it was yank off his daughters rash guard (and how I thought they were not very cute).

Best thing about being a "mompreneur?"  Most challenging aspect?
I am so excited about being a mompreneur.  I am excited to inspire my child to reach his dreams!  The most challenging part of being pregnant and running a business is that business NEVER seems to wait.  Up at 2 AM talking to my supplier, a quick nap, and then working with buyers at 9 AM and then trying to manage the day-to-day business.  I would say most challenging right now is sleep deprivation!

Tell us about your child(ren):
We are expecting a boy on June 29th! Andy (Andrew Matthew Johnson)
Describe yourself as a mom in 3 words:
Adventurous, Outgoing, and Organized

Advice for other moms in 5 words or less:
Don't forget to enjoy the ride  (Hey, Besty! That's 6! Cheater! ; )

Favorite milestone that you've experienced w/your child:
I'm looking forward most to hearing my baby cry for the first time!  I am looking forward to the first couple of days when my husband, Matt, and I can spending time together with our first baby and I can't wait to see Matt hold Andy - he is going to be the best dad ever!

Favorite websites:
SwimZip of course!  I also love, ESPN during March Madness, and I am a total sucker for Style Me Pretty.

If you overheard someone talking about you and your company, what would you hope they would be saying?
I would hope they say, "SwimZip is the perfect swimwear for kids.  Who would have thought that rash guards would be stylish and easy to put on and take off!  Betsy sure has made UV protection easy and stylish, I love dressing my little girl in ruffle swimwear like SwimZip".
Thanks for sharing a little bit about SwimZip with us, Betsy! Sticky Bellies LOVES SwimZip!


Do you love SwimZip as much as we do? Betsy is offering our readers 15% off their entire order! Just click here to shop with adjusted prices!

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