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Mamapreneur Monday - Today I Ate A Rainbow!

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Welcome back to another Mamapreneur Monday feature on The Belly Blog!  One of the great things about having a small business like ours is that we get to meet and collaborate with other entrepreneurs who are on the same journey. Through trade shows and online groups, I've met some amazing women who are all following a dream - a dream that came as a result of some "Ah-ha!" moment.  Not only are they working hard to grow a business, they're also working hard as moms - the most important job in the world! Each month, we're sharing a new "Mamapreneur" with you here on The Belly Blog.   We hope you'll enjoy getting to know these inspirational women and their brilliant products.  Please show them a little support by commenting on their posts, liking their Facebook pages, or becoming a customer! Enjoy!

This month's mamapreneur:

Kia Robertson of Today I Ate a Rainbow


1) Name & Age: Kia Robertson, 36 years old

2) Company name, year founded and product description: Today I Ate A Rainbow, founded in 2009 but started working on the idea in 2007... The Today I Ate A Rainbow kit gets kids ASKING to eat their fruits and veggies! This interactive game uses a rainbow as a nutritional guide and fun magnets that will help you and your kids keep track of the produce they eat. By turning healthy eating into a game it makes it easy to set healthy habits! The kit comes with a chart, 4 sets of magnets, shopping list and The Rainbow Bunch book. 


3)  Tell us about your "ah-ha" moment. How did you think of the product?: When my daughter was 4 years old I read a short paragraph of text that said kids should be eating a variety of colourful produce every day. I had never thought about fruits and veggies in terms of their colour!  So I started tracking Hannah's produce intake.  It only took a couple of days to see that we were on to something! It was such a great visual tool for me to see what fruits and veggies Hannah was actually eating and the best part was that Hannah started taking interest and ownership of the food she was eating by asking for certain produce so that she could complete her food rainbow.  Since the concept worked so well for our family we thought we'd make it into a product that other families could use to get their kids making healthy food choices too!

4) Best thing about being a "mompreneur?"  Most challenging aspect?: A sense of accomplishment, being able to be a good role model for my daughter by showing her that dreams are meant to be pursued...and the flexibility of work hours so that I can still spend a lot of time with Hannah!  Most challenging...trying to balance everything and finding time to take care of myself too!

5) Tell us about your child(ren): I have one absolutely amazing daughter, Hannah, who is almost 9 years old!  She is a big part of our company, she is on our packaging, website and in our kids cooking videos!


6) Describe yourself as a mom in 3 words: Fun, Gentle, Loving

7) Advice for other moms in 5 words or less: Purposely make memories with your kids!  (oh darn, that was 6 words, LOLl...that is such a hard question to answer in 5 words hahaha)

8) Favorite milestone that you've experienced w/your child: First day of school...that was a big moment for us!

9) Favorite websites: So hard to choose...these are some off the top of my head: (that last one is my guilty pleasure)  OH and Pinterest of course!!

10) If you overheard someone talking about you and your company, what would you hope they would be saying? I would hope they'd be saying how genuine and helpful we are...that we truly want to help parents raise healthy kids!

Don't you just love this idea?

My only question for Kia is... Do rainbows ever have a brown stripe?  Because I REALLY need a little bite of chocolate each day! : )

Seriously, though, I'm all about anything that will help parents raise happy, healthy children - and Kia is definitely contributing to that mission. Thank you, Kia, for sharing your amazing product with us.  If you love Today I Ate a Rainbow as much as we do, you can get one today for 15% off using code KIT at checkout. Head over to her Facebook page to say thanks and let her know you read abour her on the Sticky Bellies blog! 

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