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Mamas! Join the Monthly Baby Photo Fun!

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This morning, I read an article on Huff Post Parents that I could not get off my mind all day.

If this artcle didn't pop up in your Facebook newsfeed today, I encourage you to read it here.  It's inspiring, interesting, and heartwrenching.  Upon reading this article, I did my own thinking about the photographs I have of my two daughters. As you can imagine, I'm obsessed with taking pictures of my little nuggets, so much so that my camera pretty much never leaves my side. Not only have I documented every monthly milestone with Sticky Bellies, but I've captured every little event along the way.  In fact, in the last 6 months, I've taken 2,159 photos of my little ladies. 

So, how many of those photos include ME? 

I'm embarassed to admit...about 10. 

Yes, 10. 

You can see why Allison Tate's article really resonated with me this morning.

As the CEO of Sticky Bellies, I love that I am a small part of every customer's celebration of their sweet baby's growth and milestones.  I love that we are helping parents slow down and take a moment to breathe in the miracle of a growing baby while providing photographic memories that last well beyond baby's first year. And yet, my own photographs haven't accurately documented my own life.  In fact, if my children were to review my current iPhoto albums, they'd most likely be led to believe that they raised themselves or were raised by the dog. (Yes, the dog is in more pictures than I am.)

And so, I've decided to take on a simple, attainable goal.  Not only should I be present in my daughters' lives....I should be present in their photographic memories, too. 

In a few days, I will complete the same ritual I repeat on the 10th of each month.  Select the brightly colored infant bodysuit and coordinating headband, wait for the sun to be shining through the living room window at just the right angle, lay down our white blanket, and, armed with only my trusty Canon camera, begin to snap away in the hopes of the perfect monthly photo of my daughter.  But this month will be different.

My goal?  To give the camera to someone else. To be a part of my daughter's monthly picture. This month. Every month. While I can't always find someone to capture our daily outings or special moments, I CAN make this commitment to be present in her monthy photos, just one time each month. And you can, too!

Here at Sticky Bellies, we've declared October The Month of the Mamas! Grab your camera, grab someone you trust to snap a few pics... and become a part of your baby's monthly Sticky Bellies photos.

Share them on our Facebook Page.

Post them in our Pinterest Album.

E-mail them for inclusion in our customer photo albums.

Or, just keep them in a special place and know that someday that little baby in the adorable monthly sticker will thank you (and tell you how stunning you were and are!)



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